Virtual reality headset prescription glasses and lenses

3D Print Your Own Virtual Reality Headset Glasses

The Perfect Lenses for Your 3D Printed Inserts


3D printing is awesome and if you want to build your own inserts / adapters for your virtual reality headset we got your back.

You can order the lenses from us in the right shape and with our VRMC coating and then go ahead and design an adapter however you want.

  • Perfectly sized lenses that match your VR headset lenses.
  • Get the right base curve for your lenses to avoid any scratches and minimize the distance between headset lens and your adapter.
  • VRMC coating that makes our lenses superhydrophobic, anti-static, scratch resistant and easy to clean.
Order Your Lenses

3D Printing Recommendations

We do have some guidelines and pointers for you though.

  1. Especially if you design for the Oculus Rift make sure your adapter is smooth or you might damage some of the fabric inside the headset.
  2. It is important you get the alignment of the lenses right. We offer .stl files that already have the proper angle for the alignment. If you use this as your template and also put the lenses in, in the right angle you should be good.
  3. Make sure the lenses do not touch each other. The base curve of our lenses is calculated that both lenses do not touch each other but also recommend you add a bit of extra space in your adapter designs.

Start Building Your Inserts Today

We offer .stl files of the lens shapes so you can start designing your inserts / adapters today!

Example Adapter for the Oculus Rift 59 IPD

Arthur has designed his own Oculus Rift lens adapter and allowed us to share the files with you. Keep in mind this is built for his IPD of 59 and what works for him, doesn’t need to work for you. Besides the lenses we do not offer any support for 3D printed adapters.

Download Arthur’s Adapter File