Free spacer for your Oculus Rift adapter and new RABS lens technology with minimal distortions

oculus rift lens adapter

After we shipped the Kickstarter orders, some people had problems with their adapters becoming a bit loose and didnt stay in place well. We tried the adapters on more Oculus Rift once they became available and Oculus caught up with the shipping orders. What we discovered was there are tiny differences in the sizing on Oculus Rift that do make a difference to how well the adapters fit.

So the same adapter that works perfectly fine in one Oculus Rift might sit a bit loose in another one.

In the last weeks, we worked on a solution for this and we are happy to send free spacers to everyone who experienced this kind of problem. All new orders will ship with these spacers too.

You simply clip them into your existing adapter and put the adapter in like you used to do. See the short video below on how this works and head over here to fill out our contact form if you experience this problem and want to get a spacer.

If you experience any problems with the fit of your Oculus Rift lens adapter you can head over here to fill out our contact form and we send you a spacer for free.

New RABS lens technology

The huge majority of people were really happy with their lenses but a few people had problems with barrel distortion and getting used to it. Some people also asked why we flipped the lenses in our adapters.

One reason is to avoid the lenses touching and possibly damaging your VR headset lenses. Another reason is to allow the lenses to sit as close to the headset lenses as possible for maximum FOV and clarity. There is more to that and we explain this in the video below and also introduce our new RABS lens technology.

While not necessary for most people, we are happy to offer our new premium RABS lenses that are based on the aspherical freeform technology that minimizes any kind of distortion.

We offer these new lenses in our shop now as an optional upgrade if you order a new adapter. If you only want the RABS lenses to use in your current adapter, you can fill out the custom request form here and we will send you a price for the lenses only.