Lens Adapters vs VR Frame: Which one will suit my needs?

If you’re undecided whether to go for Lens Adapters or a VR Frame, we’re here to help by pointing out the differences.


With the VR Frame, you have the freedom to use it on a range of headsets. Since it works like normal glasses, it sits on your face rather than inside the headset and you can freely share your device as needed. Versatile in function, it’s suitable for all kinds VR gaming and some leisure sports. Valve Index VR Prescription Lenses

The Lens Adapters offer different benefits. They’re a more comfortable option if you don’t like the feeling of a frame against the nose or around the eyes. Sure, you will have to remove the adapters from the headset when your friends want to play but detaching them is easy. And unlike the VR Frame, there’s no headband to adjust – just install the lens and the headset is good to go.

Quality of sight

With the Lens Adapters, you’ll enjoy enhanced optical clarity. Each adapter and lens set is optimized for the headset. The lenses have the smallest distance to the eyepiece of the headset, thus maximizing the field of view and ensuring the best quality possible. This will also reduce the possibility of foggy lenses which sometimes happens during an intense session.

VR FrameThe VR Frame has the same lens quality as our amazing RABS™ Lenses. Depending on your physical anatomy (a more protruding nose, for example) the frame and therefore the lenses have a larger distance from your eyes, a distance that will apply within the headset too. In very rare cases, this might reduce the field of view slightly though you will still experience the same quality VR as you would if you were using the adapters instead.


Pick the solution that best meets your preference and needs. Or get both solutions as several of our customers have done! For the improvement our optical lenses and RABS™ technology bring to your VR experience, we say they are good value for money.


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