Premium RABS Lenses

Reverse Aspherical Backside Lenses (RABS)

When first developing prescription lenses for VR headsets, we realized that the profile of a regular prescription lens is not ideal for use with a VR headset, because the lenses would have to sit a bit removed from the VR HDM lens to avoid scratches and damages to the headset. That’s why we developed our exclusive Reverse Aspherical Backside lenses, which flip the lenses around, increasing the Field of Vision (FOV) by up to 25%. This is only possible because we are calculating, generating and polishing the back surface of each lens individually with German Freeform Technology, rather than supplying injection molded stock lenses – as other suppliers do. This noticeably increases the FOV for a fuller VR experience, and also provides distortion-free lenses with enhanced optical clarity.

Digital Light Protection

To provide you with maximum digital light protection we offer you the combination of our proprietary Blueguard coating and our new Light Cap 420 lens material.

Your eyes are your gateway to the world and it makes sense for you to protect them. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV/A and UV/B radiation, but in our digital lives our eyes are increasingly exposed to other sources of harmful radiation that can cause eye strain and permanent damage. High Energy Visible (HEV) light is blue-violet to blue in color with  a wavelength of 400–500 nanometer (nm). It is often referred to as blue light or digital light. If unprotected, these wavelengths pass through the lens and can damage the retinal pigments in the back of your eyes. The blue light radiation emitted by digital device screens also interferes with your melatonin production and can diminish your sleep quality.

Our proprietary Blueguard coating reduces eye strain and protects your eyes from the harmful blue light radiation emitted by digital device screens by reflecting some of those light rays on the front of the lens. Unlike so-called ‘video game glasses’ that only shift the color spectrum with yellow tinted lenses, Blueguard VR reflects harmful blue light and thereby protects your eyes. The best thing about this is that it works with minimal impact on normal color vision. This means that you still see blue as blue, but your eyes are protected.

Multi coatings

Aside from these VR specific features all our lenses are multi-coated, this makes them not only easier to clean, but also especially scratch resistant.