Outdoor Frame - Tinted Or Photochromic Lenses

Gauss Self Tinting LensesGauss Photochromic Lens DemoGauss UVA UVB Protection
Relax Eye Set - LightCap420
Relax Eye Set - Blueguard
Relax Eye Set - RadiationShield

  • Do you have any other colors, sizes or shapes?

    • We do not. The Outdoor Frame has one color, one shape and one size.
  • Can I use the Outdoor Frame in VR?

    • When selecting the photochromic option it will be suitable for VR and in the sun.
  • Do you sell glasses with photochromic lenses?

  • How tight will the head-strap fit?

    • The head-strap shouldn’t be fitted too tight. It’s more to keep the Frame in place.
  • Do the colors / mirrors exactly match the pictures?

    • The tint colors mostly match. Since tinting is a manual process results may vary a bit.
    • The mirror is influenced by the tint and tint intensity. The pictures only show the color in general.
  • My PD / IPD is between 56 and 76 how do I select this?

    • This value is for two eyes, please split it evenly in 2 and enter your values.
    • The minimal step size is 0.5mm, please see our examples below.
    • Example 1: 66mm will be 33mm for right and 33mm for left.
    • Example 2: 67.5mm will be 33.5mm for right and 34mm for left (or vice versa, both is valid).
  • Can I use it with headphones?

    • Absolutely! The Outdoor Frame is a real multipurpose talent.
    • You can use it with your headphones to relax your ears.
    • It also fits nicely with helmets.
  • Is the lens shape right for my headset?

    • Yes. Due to it’s narrower shape, the Outdoor Frame is also suitable for most kinds of VR headsets. (except: Samsung Odyssey+ which does not fit)
    • The Outdoor Frame will fit for most XR or FPV headsets and some kinds of AR headsets. (HMDs similar to VR headsets)
    • Lens_013

  • Can I submit my Contact Lens / Reading / PC / Computer Prescription?

    • No! We need the far vision (distance) prescription for glasses. The lenses will be made according to the headset specifications.
  • Is the final price for one pair of lenses or just a single lens?

    • It's for one pair of lenses, left and right. A case and cleaning cloth is included in every order.
  • What exactly is the Relax Eye Set?

    • The Relax Eye Set is a combination of coating and filters in the lens material.
    • E.g. it filters invisible blue light at a wave length of 420nm which reduces eye strain.
    • This is combined with a specialized coating which help to protect against blue light.
    • Finally it also shields your eyes from radiation emitted by electronic devices.
  • I have prisms / My prescription is higher than the offered range. How do I order?

    • You can order your lenses with our custom lens request here.
    • Our team of opticians and optometrists will check your prescription and send you an offer.
  • I have values for PD / IPD do you need them?

    • The construction of the VR Headsets allows omitting the PD/IPD. These values only are necessary if you order a VR Frame.
  • My prescription has a value for "Add". Do you need that?

    • Add or Addition is a reference for your reading prescription. VR headsets focus at distance, so we use the far vision prescription. You can use it to order our VR Frame with multifocal lenses.
    • Please note that with multi focal lenses you will gain near sight in the lower area of the lens but loose a bit of clarity in the VR headset for that area.
  • When can I expect to receive my order?

    • Lens inserts normally take 7 - 10 working days to be ready. While shipping time in normal circumstances is around 2 weeks for most countries, the express options usually take a week or less.