VR Frames - Glasses for Virtual Reality Headsets

The VR Lens Lab VR Frames are perfect to wear inside your favorite VR headset. On top of that you can also use them for every kind of sport such as paintball, snowboarding or other activities that require you to wear a face mask.

The frames are more narrow than common frames and the shape is designed based on common VR headset lens shapes.


You can also get lenses with our Blueguard coating that protects your eyes from harmful, low energy blue light emitted by displays.

 Blueguard also enhances contrast for a sharper and more immersive experience and the anti-static and superhydrophobic properties of our coating make the lenses easy and quick to clean.

Each VR Frame comes also with our new anti-fog lens cleaning towels that help to prevent your VR headset and VR Frame lenses from fogging up.

If your prescription is higher than what we offer here or you need prisms, for example, order your lenses with our custom request form here

If applicable, please name other headsets you use.

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