Feedback: Update : )

I am happy to say that that my order arrived today, and that the lenses look and work wonderfully. My boyfriend was able to install and remove them with ease, and he actually just tested tried them out and said that they look fantastic as well. The Blueguard coating on the lenses does, in fact , enhance the contrast and greatly improves the appearance of the display as well. Which, was actually big contributing factor in influencing my decision to go with these particular lenses/ VR LENS LAB in the first place.

I also wanted wanted to thank you for all of your help, especially in aiding me in resolving the issue with FedEx and customs. As I definitely could not have done that without your guidance and expertise.

Given some of the, (I hate to say, unpleasant experiences that I’ve had in my dealings with other companies & their respective customer service representatives), It is so refreshing to encounter someone that has been not only pleasant to speak with, but knowledgeable, professional, and attentive as well. And I appreciate you keeping me up to date/ “in the loop” with your dealings with FedEx. That definitely provided me with the relief and peace of mind that I needed.

That being said, you’ve acquired two very happy customers. You guys are pretty much my new favorite company now. : )

Warm regards, and many thanks….