Compliment: VR Lens

Just wanted to tell you (in case you wondered) that the lens showed up yesterday and they work fantastic. I knew I was gonna like them but wow, what a difference not having to wear glasses while playing my games. I read that they might take a day or so to get used to but when I put them on it was perfect immediatly. Sorry for the texts and everything, I just haven’t really taking any risks on things that im not fully positive will work or at least work correctly. I bought a pair of the frames for the Oculus without the lenses and they would stay in place they kept popping out, and I was worried about that to. Turns out that I was supposed to pop the other ones out first which I wouldn’t have known without your instruction video so thanks for that to. I’ll make sure to recommend you guys to anyone who I know in the market for a great pair of lenses for any VR set they have, thank you.