What is the FoV option?

Field of View

Every lens influences the Field of View (FoV), mostly due to the distance between headset lens, prescription lens and eye. But also the prescription strength, thickness and lens surface play a major role in your VR experience.

Custom includes high quality lenses with best coatings but is the “curviest” of the three options, due to the manufacturing process. For e.g. the Quest and Quest 2 an adapter of 13mm height is required.

Our unique free-form technology has the biggest impact with the optimized and maximized options; featuring additional base curve adjustment. (see picture on the right) The latter offers the largest Field of View by minimizing the distance between the prescription lens and headset lens. For e.g. the Quest and Quest 2 a 9mm adapter is possible.

Free-form allows for a better distribution of prescription. Each step comes with more advanced algorithms expanding the crisp viewing area and enhancing it’s perimeter. (Within physical constraints, of course)

By having direct access to a professional high-end lens lab, our advantage is your benefit. Select your desired Field of View to enjoy outstanding lens precision and the best possible VR experience.

Adjusting the base curve yields a flatter lens


Quest, Quest 2 & Vive Pro 2