Become a VR Lens Lab Affiliate

Rift S VR Prescription Lens Inserts

Happy to hear you are interested in helping us to spread the word about VR Lens Lab! The affiliate program is pretty straight forward:

You register below and get access to the affiliate area where you can generate links with your tracking code and see statistics about how many visitors you sent us and how many purchased our products.

We pay you a commission ranging from 5-10% for all purchases through visitors whom you sent to our website. Payment is made via PayPal on the first of the following month after sales have been calculated. So for example for a sale that happened on the 15th of October, you will receive commission on the 1st of December. A $100 minimum payout threshold is now in place. Every new affiliate starts with 5% upon registration. If you make a video review, write an article or promote us on different platforms (e.g. YouTube, TikTok, etc.) shoot us a message with your content and we will increase the percentage depending on your content.

The tracking cookie that is set for all visitors you send to us stays active for 30 days. That means if someone you sent to us decides to buy our products within 30 days, you get paid for it.