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    If you need help with your order please include your order number. Please use English language in your messages.

    Most common Questions

    • Can you send me a price for ... lens inserts and shipping?
      • Please enter your prescription in our form to see the result price.
      • The shipping cost is found at checkout before payment.
    • Clearance delay, MID Code, Drop Ball Certificate
      • We attach the necessary documents for FedEx on each package.
      • Additionally FedEx receives an email with the documents upon shipment.
      • Still they contact us (or you) for the very same documents again.
      • Chances are that we've re-send them already.
      • Of course you can contact us just in case. We take care of it.
    • My package has not moved for 7-10 days. Is it lost?
      • It's most likely in transit and the information will be updated once it reaches your country.
      • Due to Covid this currently can take up to 3-4 weeks.
    • I ordered from the US why is my package in Germany? Did something go wrong?
      • Many shipments are currently routed through Germany by the carrier. Your package is actually in transit to your country.
    • Can I submit my Contact Lens / Reading / PC / Computer Prescription?
      • No! We need the far vision (distance) prescription for glasses. The lenses will be made according to the headset specifications.
    • Is the final price for one pair of lenses or just a single lens?
      • It's for one pair of lenses, left and right. A case and cleaning cloth is included in every order.
    • Are the lenses easy to remove?
      • Yes. A simple 'twist' and they come right out.
    • My prescription is higher than the offered range. How do I order?
    • I need prisms. How do I order?
    • I have values for PD / IPD do you need them?
      • The construction of the VR Headsets allows omitting the PD/IPD. These values only are necessary if you order a VR Frame.
    • My prescription has a value for "Add". Do you need that?
      • Add or Addition is a reference for your reading prescription. VR headsets focus at distance, so we use the far vision prescription. You can use it to order our VR Frame with multifocal lenses.
      • Please note that with multi focal lenses you will gain near sight in the lower area of the lens but loose a bit of clarity in the VR headset for that area.
    • When can I expect to receive my order?
      • Lens inserts normally take 7 - 10 working days to be ready. While shipping time in normal circumstances is around 2 weeks for most countries, customers are advised to expect a longer time frame of 2 - 8 weeks as air freight and local postal services continue to be disrupted worldwide.