*We are still accepting and fulfilling orders. However, due to the impact of COVID-19 on shipping networks, your order may take longer than usual to arrive.

My prescription has a value for “Add”. Do you need that?
Add or Addition is a reference for your reading prescription. VR headsets focus at distance, so we mainly use the far vision prescription. We’ll calculate the compensation power based on your age for the near distance vision.

What are the lenses made out of?
We use higher quality polymer lenses that have a 2 micron dip coating and are not adversely affected by alcohol wipes but cleaning them with a microfiber towel and a water and soap solution is recommended.

What does OD and OS mean?
OD (oculus dextrus) means the right eye and OS (oculus sinister) means the left eye.
OD: right eye
OS: left eye

Why are your prices so low/competitive?
The usual supply chain consists of the blank supplier, lens manufacturer, than an optician and finally the customer. Each step adds financial overhead to the final price. By cutting out the middle man the amount saved is your benefit of higher quality at a competitive price. Additionally we can include Freeform technology with a precision of 0.01 dioptries for our RABS lenses without any cost for you.

Do the Lenses affect the screen quality?
No. The lenses do not affect the screen quality in any way.

Do the lenses improve Godrays?
No. Godrays are an effect of the fresnel lenses used in the Rift and because the Rift lenses are still there, the artifacts created by them are still there.

I use progressive lenses. Which prescription do I submit?
To make the lens, we need your distance prescription. VR headsets focus at distance, so we mainly use the far vision prescription. We’ll calculate the compensation power based on your age for the near distance vision.

What is the Lens Index?
The lens index refers to the thickness of the lens. When you fill in the prescription on the page, the form automatically determines the best index for you. You can choose the lowest one offered.

How do I install the lenses?
Please refer to the installation videos found on each product page or the How To page. The lenses will stay securely in place inside the HMD. To check that they have been correctly installed, please ensure that the markings on either side of each lens line up to form a horizontal line.

Are the lenses easy to remove?
Yes. A simple twist and they come right out.

How close are the lenses to your eyes? Do your eyelashes touch them?
In most cases, they are not close enough, so there should be no contact. However, some users may encounter their eyelashes touching the lens inserts if thinner foams are installed on the Oculus Quest headset.

Can you change the lenses in the adapters?
We advise against doing this as they are not designed for this and doing so may damage the lenses, the holders or both

Is there any chance that the lens holders will damage the fabric of the Rift?
The lens holders will only make contact with the plastic frame of the Rift. It should never touch the fabric.

Is the final price for one pair of lenses or just a single lens?
It’s for one pair of lenses, left and right.

When can I expect to receive my order?
Prescription lens inserts normally take 7 – 10 working days to be ready. Non-prescription lenses take 3 – 4 working days. While shipping time in normal circumstances is around 2 weeks for most countries, customers are advised to expect a longer time frame of 2 – 8 weeks as air freight and local postal services continue to be disrupted worldwide. For urgent orders, customers can opt for Eco Express (12 – 14 days)* or Direct Express (8 – 12 days)*.

*Actual delivery time may be slightly longer due to delays that are out of our control.

Do you ship worldwide?
We do indeed! Orders are shipped from Thailand via Standard and Express shipping. Standard shipping uses a combination of DHL and local postal service. Express delivery ships door-to-door.

Will there be any customs and duty charges?
Your order may be subject to import tax and/or additional customs fees which are levied when the shipment reaches the destination. VR Lens Lab unfortunately cannot be held responsible for these charges. To minimise the risk of a customs charge, please choose the slower standard shipping method.

Can I cancel my order?
If you did not order prescription lenses and we have not shipped your order yet, then yes, that is possible. If you ordered prescription lenses, they are custom made for you right after you have placed the order and we cannot cancel it anymore.

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