Virtual reality headset prescription glasses and lenses



VR Lens Lab is a collaboration of VR Cover and Gauss Eyewear to bring prescription lenses and more to virtual reality headsets.

Right now, if users don’t wear contact lenses with their VR headsets, they are expected to somehow squeeze their glasses inside the unit.

This can become uncomfortable when your temples come under sustained pressure from headset straps or the nose pads of your glasses are pressed down heavily against your face.

Some glasses can even touch the headset lenses, causing scratches on both lens sets. Not good at all.

With VR Lens Lab, we’ve created easy-to-use glasses and lens adapters for prescription lenses that you can simply leave within the headset.

We will offer this for all popular VR HMDs such as the Oculus Rift CV1, HTC Vive and Gear VR in 2016 and beyond.


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What are the lenses made out of?
We use higher quality polymer lenses that have a 2 micron dip coating and are not adversely affected by alcohol wipes but cleaning them with a microfiber towel and a water and soap solution is recommended.

Do the Lenses affect the screen quality?
No. The lenses do not affect the screen quality in any way

Do the lenses improve Godrays?
No. Godrays are an effect of the fresnel lenses used in the Rift and because the Rift lenses are still there, the artifacts created by them are still there.

Do the lenses move when you adjust the IPD?

No. You should remove the lenses, adjust the IPD, and then replace the lenses

Once installed are the lenses secure?
Yes. The lenses click into place inside the HMD.

Are the lenses easy to remove?
Yes. A simple twist and they come right out

How close are the lenses to your eyes? Do your eyelashes touch them?
They are not close. You lashes should not touch them and there should be no discomfort.

Can you change the lenses in the adapters?
We advise against do this as they were not designed for this and doing so may damage the lenses, the holders or both.

Is there any chance that the lens holders will damage the fabric of the Rift?
The lens holders will only make contact with the plastic frame of the Rift. It should never touch the fabric.

How long will shipping take?
About 10 – 14 days once you placed your order.

Can I cancel my order?
If you did not order prescription lenses and we did not ship your order yet then yes, that is possible. If you ordered prescription lenses they are custom made for you right after you place the order and we can not cancel it anymore.

What are the sizes of the lenses?
Please download this zip file with information for your local optician that can help them to make lenses for you.