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  • Playstation VR Lens Protector
    Playstation VR Lens Protector

    Playstation VR Lens Protector

    Easy to Use Playstation VR Lens Protector

    Protect Your PSVR Lenses & Your Eyes

    Get our easy to use and durable polycarbonate lens protectors for the Playstation VR and keep your lenses scratch free.

    The lens inserts also come with our Blueguard coating that protects your eyes from harmful low energy blue light emitted by displays. Blueguard also enhances contrast for a sharper and more immersive experience and the anti static and superhydrophobic properties of our coating make the lenses easy and quick to clean.

    Every PSVR Lens Protector comes with a carrying case, silicone suction cup for easy removal of the lens protectors and spare silicon rings for the lenses.